Noisy School Gym Solution

In the heart of Texas, Milan middle school had a noise reverberation problem typical to institution spaces such as gyms, cafeterias, auditorium and general purpose rooms. We all associate the echoes, noise, and reverberation of sound with gyms, pool areas & large auditorium / multipurpose rooms and certainly can relate to the high noise levels in these types of rooms.
In this middle school gymnasium (a problem in virtually all gymnasiums), the sound bounces off the walls more than the basketballs. Due to the volume and space in these rooms and the lack of noise absorbents, the noise grows and creates echoes and reverberation seriously impeding speech intelligibility.
When the noisy school gym solution was in use, the conversation next to you was indistinguishable from the conversation across the floor. During sporting events, the noise became unbearable with the gym full of fans, parents, and students. The noise levels at sporting events Are already an unhealthy exposure to high decibels, especially with no acoustic noise control absorbents in place.
The noisy school gym solution reached out to us to help them solve their noise problem. School Soundproofing is one of our core markets be it middle school, college, or other. The solution for this particular Acoustic Application was Acoustical Ceiling Baffles products which are cost-effective and have great noise reduction qualities.
Acoustical Ceiling baffles are ideal for applications that require baffles that have a “crisp” corner and a finished face. This makes our ANC-600 ceiling baffles to have an aesthetic finished look as well as superior noise control and sound absorption properties. The ANC-600 baffles are constructed of a high density fiberglass core to absorb maximum sound. In addition, they have great fire ratings and fire retardant properties.
Acoustical ceiling baffles ANC-600  was hang in between the ceiling trusses as it was suggested to Milan Middle School and  by installing these acoustical ceiling baffles high in the ceiling, the noise quieted down, speech became coherent and their problem was solved. Using the gym for future events was not only healthier for the ears of students and visitors alike, but it also made the use of the gymnasium much more enjoyable.