Acoustical Curtains for Office

Work-space and Acoustic Privacy Accountant Office in Orlando Florida went through major renovations in their open space office and required sound absorbing materials in their open space for private meetings with their clients. All Noise Control recommended STC 17 Acoustic Curtains to optimize acoustics of the room and provide privacy. Anc STC 17 Acoustic Curtains … Continue reading “Acoustical Curtains for Office”

Acoustical Curtains in a Home Theater

Acoustical Curtains in a Home Theater Joseph P. from Melbourne, Florida recently decided to turn a room in his house into a home theater.  Joe and his family enjoy watching movies and playing loud music but were finding that at times the noise traveled outside of the room disturbing the quiet, tranquil environment of the … Continue reading "Acoustical Curtains in a Home Theater"

Acoustical Curtains Gallery

Acoustic curtain are sound-dampening treatments that can be used in a variety of settings to reduce noise levels. In office environments, acoustic curtains can help to create a more productive work environment by blocking out distractions from outside the office. In industrial settings, acoustic curtains can help to reduce noise pollution and improve worker safety. … Continue reading “Acoustical Curtains Gallery”

Acoustical Curtains Material

Our beautiful, elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made for our clients’ commercial, scientific and residential use. ANC Acoustic Curtains laboratory tested and field proven Acoustic Curtains and Acoustic Drapes protect you from outside noise, climate and light, providing maximum privacy.

Acoustical Curtains

Acoustical Blankets Acoustical Ceilings Acoustical Wall Panels Acoustical Pipe & Duct Acoustical Damping Theater Acoustics Accordion Doors Acoustic Curtains Noise Barrier Composite Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustical Vinyl Barrier Green Glue Soundproof Fence Barrier Steel Wall Panels Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Our beautiful, elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made. Our curtains … Continue reading "Acoustical Curtains"

Acoustical Fabric

Home > Products > Acoustical Fabric Acoustical Fabric Acoustic Fabric has been tested and works well with the track system.Acoustical Fabric Specs:ASTM C 423 – Standard Test Method for Sound Absorption and soundproof absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method; 2000.Acoustical Absorption: Perform testing in accordance with ASTM C 423; Type A mounting method unless … Continue reading “Acoustical Fabric”

Acoustical Banners

Home > Products > Acoustical Banners Acoustical Banners Acoustic Banners are high-efficiency flexible banners that provide exceptional sound absorption and are typically used in large rooms like gymnasiums or field houses. Sound absorption is essential in many fields, from architectural acoustics to audiometry. Acoustical Banners shall be located and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling … Continue reading “Acoustical Banners”

Acoustical Ceiling Clouds

Home > Products > Acoustical Ceiling Clouds Acoustical Ceiling Clouds Acoustical Ceiling Clouds are perfect replica watches for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. They are suspended horizontally with D-Rings (for panels up to 4’ x 4’) or T-grid attachments for larger panels. Ceiling Clouds are constructed with a 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass absorber … Continue reading “Acoustical Ceiling Clouds”

Acoustical Baffles

Home > Products > Acoustical Baffles Acoustical Ceiling Baffles Acoustical ceiling baffles called Sound Absorbing baffles ceilings are the best to solve any reverberation problems in any large space. Acoustic Ceiling Baffles offer superior acoustical values but are also lightweight, economical, and easy to install. They are custom-made, available in various sizes, finishes, and colors, … Continue reading “Acoustical Baffles”

Flexible Acoustical Ducts

Home > Products > Flexible Acoustical Ducts Flexible Acoustical Ducts All Noise Control is now carrying Soundproofing Flexible Acoustical Ducts For Hvac,ANC-300V & ANC-300M have fiberglass wrapped & insulated cores with a vapor barrier. Soundproofing flexible acoustical ducts can be a challenge, but there are a few options available. One option is to use dense … Continue reading “Flexible Acoustical Ducts”