Acoustic Blankets for Industrial Applications

All Noise Control was contacted by Boart Drilling Services located in Salt Lake City, Utah. After discussing their application All Noise Control provided Boart Drilling Services with a solution of ANC-AB12: Acoustic Quilted Fiberglass Absorption Blankets

ANC-AB12 has the benefit of both sound absorption and noise barriers. All Noise Control’s ANC-AB12 consists of a non-reinforced 1-lb psf loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of vinyl-coated fiberglass-cloth faced 1″ quilted fiberglass sound absorbers.

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Acoustic Blankets for Office Equipment

Centre Street System contacted All Noise Control to help solve the noise control issues in their office located Brooklyn, NY. Once discussing their application All Noise Control provided Centre Street System with a product that was right for their office. The product that was introduced to them was, ANC- AB2-1 which is an 1″ Acoustical Blanket .Typically used as a sound absorption panel when you are trying to reduce the sound waves or reverberant noise energy within a piece of equipment, a room or a building.

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Northwest Natural Gas Company needs to isolate noise

The Problem…

No matter what region we are industrialization always seems to be present. In Portland Oregon, Northwest Natural Gas Company had natural gas pipe that became a noise issue as the noise emitted from the pipe traveled easily across the open farmlands.

Northwest’s pipe was a 3′ x 10′ x 3′ exposed natural gas pipe. Mr. Camarillo, of Northwest Gas, was familiar with acoustic blankets and considering a purchase. After All Noise Control received simple sketches done by hand, they immediately knew a more effective product was available called acoustic wrap barrier. This solution offered better sound isolation and a more cost effective, weather proof material for this application.

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GE Aviation – Acoustic Blanket ANC-AB12

GE Aviation contacted All Noise Control to help them solve noise control issues in their Plant located in Mcallen, TX. After discussing their application All Noise Control provided GE Aviation with a solution of ANC-AB12 to block and absorb noise coming from their mechanical equipment and through several openings.

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ANC-AB13 Noise Reduction Blankets & Sound Curtain Systems

Manufacturing Facility contacted All Noise control to Reduce noise levels generated by a Sweco deburrer that was operating at 85 dB (A) while maintaining maximum accessibility.

Due to the close proximity of the deburrer and other machinery to the main aisle of the manufacturing facility, reduce noise levels as much as possible along the main aisle by individually treating each piece of equipment. Maintain complete uninhibited accessibility for loading and unloading the deburrer.

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Acoustic Blankets Applications

The versatility of our noise reduction blankets is just about unlimited.

Below we note which blanket is used for particular sample and specialty applications. The size or location of your application, or the level of unwanted noise is truly no match for our noise reduction blanket materials. Our barriers are highly noise absorbent and designed to absorb unwanted sound reflection in a variety of applications.

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The Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant keeps things quiet and quaint

Steven Warren from Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant contacted All Noise Control with a typical restaurant noise issue. A quiet, quaint and relaxing environment was disrupted by travelling conversations and the going on that happen in the general hustle of any restaurant. Dishes clanking, conversations carrying, doors opening and closing, kitchen noise, all lending to a interrupted dining experience.

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Vinyl Barrier Acoustic Material

Vinyl Barrier Acoustic Material. This high density thin, weighted barrier, constructed of non reinforced high temperature fused vinyl with no lead filters. Weighs one pound per square foot and is 1/8″ thick. Apply to block transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceilings. Also effective as a pipe and duct wrap to damper vibrations and reduce noise. Also available in a reinforced version designed to sustain it’s own vertical weight for suspension.

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