Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers Case Study – Noise Control

Somers Maximum Security Prison needed a room where a judge, witnesses and Inmates would gather for a trial at the facility. The room chosen, surrounded by glass, needed acoustical treatment. All Noise Control Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers were chosen to surround the top perimeter.

Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers are soft, porous, open celled materials that are used to reduce the reflection of sound waves. As a result, reverberation time and ambient noise levels are reduced thereby improving communication in the room.

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Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor. There are several basic approaches to reducing sound: increasing the distance between source and receiver, using noise barriers to block or absorb the energy of the sound waves, using damping structures such as sound baffles, or using active anti-noise sound generators.

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Acoustical Ceiling Baffles for School

All Noise Control informed Clarke School with the product that would help prevent the noise. The product introduced to Clarke School was the Acoustical Ceiling Baffles. This would eliminate built up sound due to noise reflection, in other words the echoing, and sound exposure. With the Acoustical Ceiling Baffle the noise would be dramatically reduce. This Acoustical Ceiling Baffle it is ideal for these applications.

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